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Proceso De Producción

Proceso De Producción

The ultimate step-by-step process in the fur production process

Our Story

About Our Store

The fur products we offer are strictly controlled at every step, from material selection to processing, to present you with the best quality products. The meticulous craftsmanship that brings soft feel colour and comfort of wearing and caring for your skin is incomparable. With our fur products, you can enjoy fashion while feeling the extraordinary quality. The unique texture and gorgeous appearance of fur makes you the centre of attention in any occasion.


Each fur is our one-of-a-kind work of art, presenting an unrivalled texture and quality that will become your timeless classic!

Raw Material Preparation

Our first step in making a complete hide is to cut the animal's fur from the original cylinder and make a flat fur after removing the tail, scratching area and head. This step requires great care to ensure that the pelt is intact and undamaged.


Next, the prepared raw material is sterilised several times, then flattened and nailed to wooden boards with the aim of setting the shape and drying it in the sun in order to obtain flat, regular pieces of leather that are easy to cut. This process simultaneously fixes the stretching of the fur surface.

Sample Production

We match the processed furs and furs with similar texture according to the amount of fur calculated for the production. There are no two furs in the world that are exactly the same, and it is the job of the colour matching technician to sort out the subtle differences between similar sized furs so that the resulting garments have a coordinated effect. The fur is then hand cut and sewn into the fabric, and at this point a fur garment is basically complete.

Designer Check

Finally, the clothes are checked and trimmed by professional designers to ensure the beauty of the products. Each piece of our clothes is subject to strict quality checks to ensure that each piece is of high quality. Each piece of fur is unique, with a basic atmospheric shape that can be handled by everyone.

Advantages Of Our Products

1.Quality Assurance: Our garments have undergone strict quality inspection to ensure that each piece is of high quality. You can buy them with confidence and wear them to feel comfortable and at ease while showing your taste and style.


2.Fashion Trend: our clothing adhere to follow the fashion trend, and constantly push the new, so that you always keep the latest and most fashionable image. Whether paired or worn alone, you can make you stand out in the crowd.


3.Comfortable to wear: We are concerned about the wearing experience of each customer, so we are always in pursuit of comfort and fit. Our garments are made of high-quality fur fabrics so that you not only look good, but more importantly, feel comfortable and free.


4.Diversified Choices: our fur provides various types, styles and sizes of clothing, which can meet the needs of different people. Whether it is for daily wear or special occasions, our furs are suitable for you.