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Get Rid Of The Rustic and Wear It with Style

Do we all love and hate fur? Worry about their own aura is not enough to hold the fur, or not with the right clothes and slightly rustic. Let's take a look at how to wear fur out of the actress-like fashion sense.

Fur coat certainly pick the environment, pick the atmosphere, but as long as the fur style is properly selected, and it with the other items properly selected, the overall beauty is high-level gas and will not be overly high-profile, exaggerated!

Want to wear fur fashionable temperament, the best choice of short fur, pull up the proportion of the body, and then with casual style pants, out of the original fur heavy soil gas sense, easy to have a fashionable and sophisticated wind. First of all, the short section of fur is not picking aura and temperament, ordinary girls can also manage. Secondly, short fur is not picking height and shape, wear body completely do not need to have psychological burden. Finally, the short section of the fur price is more affordable, the hand is not generous girls do not need to feel embarrassed!

Long section fur coat warm effect is good, but with not good easy to look bloated, can be outside the girdle on the belt, improve the waistline, and then with over-the-knee boots, not only to make the legs look long, but also can play the effect of thin, within the lap to repair the main body styles.

Long models of fur is very suitable for tall girls to start, long models of fur coat did not choose the right is easy to show the strong, especially long hair fur coat fluffy sense of strong, visually there is a sense of expansion, to avoid choosing, it is best to choose a short hair, and waist design of the long models of fur coat. Long section fur with high heels to wear, elegant temperament can not be blocked, or with over-the-knee boots, so with the look of a very sexy woman. Beautiful legs sharp tool for you to create the perfect body, do not worry about the fur will wear too bloated.

Whether it is a short section of fur or long section of fur, can be matched with a different sense of fashion, in order to ensure that the temperature at the same time, to bring you a noble and elegant sense of luxury, in order to prepare for this winter, hurry to buy a piece of your favorite fur it!